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best PBX headsets


Today, you can find hundreds of models of PBX headsets with a wide variety of functions and prices. However, the best PBX headset is not the one with sophisticated, advanced technology; which is the product that best suits the needs and financial capacity of the business. Through this article, we hope to be able to provide you with the necessary information. Helps to shorten the selection time but still ensure the quality suitable for the needs of use.

Why is a high-quality headset essential for telemarketers?

A good PBX headset is an important factor in improving work productivity. As you know, call centers are often quite noisy and that can disrupt communication, affecting call efficiency. Meanwhile, customers always require professionalism in transmitting as well as receiving information. Therefore, uncomfortable headsets will distract employees, reduce productivity and efficiency. In contrast, the PBX headset with excellent sound and clear microphone; comfortable fit; can improve call quality; bring satisfaction to customers when their questions are answered immediately.

Criteria for selecting the best PBX headset


For PBX headsets, durability and quality are factors that cannot be ignored. Low-quality, easily damaged headphones can reduce work efficiency; increased repair fees; as well as reduce the trust of employees in the business.


A suitable noise-cancelling headset will help you block out any outside noise; from which not only can hear the customer's voice clearly, but also be able to properly and clearly convey his information to the customer. That's why today's advanced PBX headsets focus not only on improving harmful loud noise cancellation functions to help protect hearing; but also developed a microphone that integrates intelligent AI technology to ensure sound at both ends of the call.


Headphones seem to stick with the operator for 8 hours a day, and directly affect parts of the ear; Therefore, the comfort factor must come first. Should choose headset models made from lightweight materials, soft ear cushions with many handy features to avoid putting extra pressure on the top of the head.


The headset needs to be designed to optimize the user experience. The controller needs to be placed in a suitable position for quick and easy operation; makes the working process smooth and uninterrupted. At the same time can connect and be compatible with all devices; current online meeting platforms: Zoom, Google Meet, Webex, MS Teams,...


The design of the headset is flexible, easy to adjust depending on the purpose and needs of use. For example, headbands can be changed in length; need a microphone that can be rotated 320 degrees,... In addition, technology issues are also increasingly important when choosing headphones; because today's most advanced headset products are optimized by integrating modern technologies such as intelligent voice recognition AI technology; technology to eliminate harmful loud sounds,...

Top 5 best PBX headsets 

1. DQN HU810 Contact Center Headsets

best PBX headsets
Overall rating




DQN HU810 is the perfect choice with outstanding features and great applicability. However, HU810 will be suitable for businesses with medium/high investment costs and want to invest in long-term equipment.

  • Up to 99% noise cancellation with AI (AI Noise Canceling) technology, delivers good sound at both ends of the call.
  • The use of high-quality metal in the key components along with the heavy-duty fiber cable to ensure the long life of the headset.
  • Unique hearing protection technology rejects any harmful loud sounds, helping to keep sound levels within a safe range.
  • Foam ear cushions can relieve pressure on the ears. The headband is easily adjustable and the microphone boom can be rotated up to 320 degrees for great versatility.
  • Diverse connectivity, easy to control MS team,... In addition to the USB-A connector for normal computers, it also supports USB-C floating ports for devices such as Macbooks.

2. Fanvil HT201/ HT202 Headsets

best PBX headsets
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Compared to products in the segment, Fanvil is a product worth considering with a unique design. However, the noise cancellation and noise filtering features are only rated at an average level. Suitable for environments with moderate noise density.

  • Design is the strong point of Fanvil HT201 / HT202 with a modern and stylish appearance.
  • Flexible microphone rod for employees, can be bent as you like.
  • Leatherette ear cushions are softer and more durable than foam, but long-term use can lead to heat and clogged ears.

3. Jabra Biz 1100 Duo USB Headsets

best PBX headsets
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This can be considered a fairly comprehensive headset when it comes to providing good sound quality at both ends of the call, but in terms of durability, it is somewhat weaker than the DQN HU810 due to its weight-optimized design.

  • The noise-cancelling microphone reduces unwanted background noise and is ideal in crowded and noisy open work environments.
  • PeakStop™ instantly cancels out any harmful loud sounds before they reach your ears. This keeps the sound level within a safe range and protects your hearing.
  • Lever has a 270 degree angle for simple adjustment without breaking.
  • The design uses completely plastic material, making the headset lighter when used but reducing the ruggedness of the device.
  • Ergonomically designed frame, padded headband and super soft foam ear cushions help redirect heat away from your ears.

4. DQN HS210 Contac Center Headsets

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Overall rating




With the same features as Jabra Biz but with a price that is only two thirds the price, the DQN HS210 is the perfect choice for businesses with a resonable investment level with superior quality compared to the needed expenditure.

  • DQN HS210 is a headset designed as a Quick-disconnect (quick connection jack). Specifically: support to connect to IP phones via RJ9 jack and to common computers via USB jack, without affecting call quality.
  • Pass the strict quality tests, keep the sound quality stable.
  • Electronic microphone and innovative technology reduce background noise by 50-70%.
  • High definition sound quality; Wideband technology speakers are used to make the voice more realistic.

5. Atcom HB12 Headsets

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Overall rating




PBX headset at a reasonable price, suitable for businesses with medium investment and those who do not have too high requirements for sound quality.

  • This is a headset with a very reasonable price for the quality it brings.
  • Using omnidirectional microphone, with high sensitivity. This is a strength and also a weakness when there is no integrated optimal noise filtering technology, so the sound is easily mixed with noise.
  • Using a soft metal headband makes the headset durable, but it can cause headaches if worn for a long time because there is no cushion under the belt.


Above is a list of Top 5 best PBX headsets for 2022. If you are still wondering how to choose, please contact us immediately using the contact information below for support. detailed consultation.


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