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For Service Providers and Carriers, building a cost-effective, revenue-generating communications infrastructure means connecting phones, application servers, networks and a plethora of other devices and services to deliver the functionality that your employees or customers demand.’s broad portfolio of products help you to connect everything that needs to be connected, without the technical and financial barriers to entry that have become a commonplace in today’s complicated communications environment. Cost-effective, easy-to-configure and easy-to-support VoIP gateways, session border controllers, transcoding appliances and SS7 signaling gateways from Sangoma (backed by our industry-leading support and warranties) deliver on your requirements without breaking your budget.

Tens of thousands of customers in over 150 countries rely on our products as part of their mission critical communications infrastructure


Digium G100/G200/G400/G800 VoIP Gateway includes a 1/2/4/8 software-selectable T1/E1/PRI interfaces and supports up to 30/60/120/240 concurrent calls

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The most cost-effective, easiest to provision, and easiest to manage line of Session Border Controllers on the market. Sangoma’s NetBorder Carrier SBC provides full-featured, carrier-class security and interconnection at the edge of carrier networks.

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The Vega 100 VoIP gateway connects digital telephony equipment to IP networks with a single E1/T1 interface

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$1,876.00 $1,821.85

The Vega 200 VoIP gateway connects digital telephony equipment to IP networks with a dual E1/T1 interface

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$1,510.00 $1,490.00

Sangoma Vega 400 SBC allows service providers and enterprises to deploy SIP trunking and other SIP services, safe in the knowledge that there will be no interoperability issues. Sangoma’s knowledge in connecting to differeaacy VoIP/SIP/IP Equipment; Up to 60 Sessions; Header Manipulation; Topology Hiding; VoIP Security; Transcoding on All Sessions; Voice, FAX, and Modem Support

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$2,987.00 $2,900.85

Sangoma Vega 400 VoIP gateway connects digital telephony equipment to IP networks.

All Vega 400 gateways are supplied with four E1/T1 interfaces which are always fully available regardless of the license which has been purchased.

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$1,495.00 $1,435.00

Vega 5000 analog gateways are available with 24 or 50 FXS ports (for connection to standard analog telephones) & 2 FXO ports (for connection to PSTN telephone lines or a PBX)

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