Technology for empathy and devotion

“The feeling of listening, devotedly sharing, helping, being brought to new solutions and receiving customer satisfaction has become a great motivation for every business. But at DQN, we don't stop there, we understand our customers, dedicate ourselves to them and accompany them on the journey of transmitting good value through the most modern and advanced technology. ”


The origin of technology

Have you ever wondered, “Why was technology created?”. If you search for this question on any platform, the answer you get will be: “We create technology to fill a void, need, or want. That's the essential part of it”. If you look at the development journey of technology; it is true that it has been performing very well its mission for many decades. It meets the most basic needs; such as increased labor productivity, while also addressing needs that even we cannot define.

About us

DQN and its mission to bring technology for empathy and devotion

The application of technology into working with customers, growing businesses and realizing goals has become an integral part of today's business strategies of businesses. However, to really master the tools and effectively apply technological achievements; it requires investment in all aspects in a specific and long-term strategy. Therefore, although any business can raise the flag "Digital Transformation", "Digital Marketing Application", very few of them really understand what the mission of technology is, the value What does it bring to the customer?
As a company that provides technology solutions, we understand that the core business's survival is still dependent on customer support and engagement. Right from our name, we aspire to bring great value to our customers and carry out the mission of creating technology as a vehicle for empathy and devotion.
DQN (Development, Quality, Next) stands for continuous improvement in development; quality standards; innovation; and reliability as we have created advanced IP unified communications products in the last 20 years with a primary focus on maximizing productivity; efficiency; and business communication. We listen to and assess our clients' wants and wishes before making them a reality.

Technology becomes the bridge for customer understanding

In the twenty-first century, when technology has achieved its peak, we must also accept, however grudgingly, that "sometimes technology understands us better than we do." And no firm has given up on this fantastic possibility; with the effective help of technological equipment, the phrase "understanding consumers" is becoming increasingly widespread.

  • We make it easier to listen to our customers through chatbox software; feedback messages or simply a good quality headset.
  • We communicate information to clients more clearly and swiftly by using a well-designed website; interesting articles; or a headset with a noise-cancelling microphone and sure transmission.
  • We improve the user experience via careful observation and knowledge of each unique consumer.

If we didn't have the technology, we wouldn't be able to achieve it.

Devotion is enhanced

Still devoted, but not only do we want happy consumers, but we also want you to be happy.

A telesales representative engrossed in repeating information to ensure customers hear it; a work-from-home employee who finds a corner to place a laptop in a perfect way  for an online customer consultation meeting is created; and a customer service representative who diligently sends several hundred emails to announce new products are definitions of devotion. We are still keeping that passion every day, following you on your path to take that devotion to the next level with the assistance of technology.

  • With just one headset equipped with noise-canceling AI technology, your calls will not be cut short due to poor sound quality
  • With just one set of online meeting equipment, you can quickly have a neat and professional appearance right in your room.
  • With just one click, you can send hundreds of emails right to fill the needs of customers.

In the future

DQN strives to be the top organization in resolving work issues from any location. Whether at an office, a remote hub, or your home office; we can assist give the best experience possible with cutting-edge technology. When empathy and devotion are improved; we belive that DQN and you will be successful in capturing the hearts of clients.