DQN participate the seminar “Digital transformation: Opportunities and challenges”

DQN, representative of CoMeet alliance, participated in the seminar "Digital transformation: Opportunities and challenges"

This seminar took place on the afternoon of 3/7/2020 in Hanoi, within the framework of the ICT 2020 Meeting organized by VAIP. The event was attended by Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam, Minister of Information and Communications Nguyen Manh Hung, Deputy Chairman of the Committee for Science, Technology and Environment of the National Assembly Le Quang Huy and representatives. Departments, units of the Ministry, Associations and Associations and leaders of many IT enterprises.

PTT Vũ Đức Đam phát biểu tại Tọa đàm: Chuyển đổi số Cơ hôi và thách thức

PTT Vũ Đức Đam phát biểu tại Tọa đàm: Chuyển đổi số Cơ hôi và thách thức

In the talk, Minister of Information and Communications Nguyen Manh Hung emphasized that Digital transformation is related to changing the governance model, business model and the person who needs to be the leader of the business. The Minister encouraged IT businesses to build technology products to solve problems in service of society. In addition, the Minister also raised the need to focus on building infrastructure and technology platforms for data of the digital economy to be stored in Vietnam, not abroad.

Bộ trường Bộ TTTT Nguyễn Mạnh Hùng phát biểu tại Tọa đàm

Bộ trường Bộ TTTT Nguyễn Mạnh Hùng phát biểu tại Tọa đàm

Mr. Nguyen Quang Toan - General Director of DINH QUANG Co., Ltd. (DQN) representing the CoMeet alliance came to the seminar affirming that CoMeet is a comprehensive solution, private and confidential, meeting the requirements in both environments. Videoconferencing and online meeting for organizations / businesses.

For example, with the conference demand in combination with an online meeting of a Province / City, specific solutions are:

  • Videoconferencing (in meeting rooms, halls) clear sound quality, sharp images (HD) to all communes, simultaneously combined with online meetings with individual remote locations via the Internet
  • Deploy quickly on the own infrastructure of the Province / City (Department of Information and Communications), autonomy, safety and security. Integrated meeting schedule and is available on the screen, when meeting, presiding with just one touch on the control tablet screen to start meeting (thus eliminating the complexity and time-consuming in standard work) Meeting facilities online)
  • Share slideshows wirelessly from any computer in the meeting room
  • Integrate with existing video conferencing systems to take advantage of available equipment in the meeting room (camera, mic, speaker, ..)
  • The investment cost is only equivalent to a small part compared to the video conferencing system provided by suppliers using products of foreign manufacturers.
  • The full set conferencing endpoints , can find at catagory For CoMeet/Jitsi Rooms,  suitable for a ward/ commune all kind of online meeting needs 

In addition, DQN engages in research, production of voice and video conferencing endpoints, information and communication systems, sourcing to supply key components and technologies for technology enterprises in business associations and entrepreneurs. in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, ...

Mr. Nguyen Quang Toan also sent to Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam and Minister of Information and Communications Nguyen Manh Hung a number of suggestions and suggestions:

  • Vietnamese enterprises are fully capable of mastering 100% of technology in each technology field, in the case of CoMeet, video conferencing technology and online meeting.
  • Mastering technology on an open source basis requires the competence of the expert community and the key is synergies and solidarity.
  • Open source is not a "magic wand" we need the guidance of the Government, ministries, branches, the commitment and synergy of the business community and experts
  • Recently, the Ministry of Support launched the "Make in Vietnam" platforms which are a great encouragement to the business community and need to be promoted in the future.
  • The Government should have specific policies to support enterprises in implementing digital transformation soon.
Ông Nguyễn Quang Toán, Tổng giám đôc DQN, đại diện liên minh CoMeet

Ông Nguyễn Quang Toán, Tổng giám đôc DQN, đại diện liên minh CoMeet

At the end of the seminar, Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam said: “Vietnam considers the National Digital Transformation as a strategic program of the State. One of the perspectives expressed throughout the program is people-centered. Enterprises that want to develop need to bring products and services to the people. ” The Deputy Prime Minister also emphasized the importance of converting the number of countries in addition to serving the people better for the economy to be more developed and helping Vietnam not to face disadvantages in international competition.

ICT annual meeting is an annual exchange program of the ICT community, businesses, institutes, schools, associations, state management agencies. Usually held every spring, however, due to the effects of the Covid-19 epidemic, this year's event took place later than usual.


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