DQN HS210 Series Contact Center Headset

Contact center headset with flexible jack, convenient to use anytime, anywhere


Have you ever found it awkward to answer the phone and type on the computer at the same time as a telesales? This issue will never happen again thanks to the DQN HS210 contact center headset's flexible change-in jack, which also makes using it a comfortable experience.


The DQN HS210 contact center headset is a headset designed in the form of Quick-disconnect (quick connection jack). Supports connection to IP phones via RJ9 jack and to common computers via USB jack, without affecting call quality.

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QD jack RJ9 Cable

Connect to IP phone

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QD jack USB Cable

Connect to computer

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QD 3.5mm Cable

Respectively connect to smartphone

IP Phone

PC / Softphone

Mobile phone / Tablet

Can't find your device?


Comfortable Lightweight Design

Adjustable headband and flexible nylon microphone boom make it easy to use. Foam ear cushions which can reduce ear pressure and make it very comfort- able to wear

High-definition Sound Quality

Wide-band technology speakers are used to make the voice more realistic, which helps to decrease listening errors, repeats and listener fatigue

Hearing Protection

Unique Hearing protection technology instantly removes any harmful loud sounds, which keeps the sound level in the safe range and protects users’ hearing

Great Value with High Quality

Gone through stringent and uncompro-mising quality tests for intensive usage

Reduce noise from the outside environment

Electronic microphone and innovative technology reduce background noise by 50-70%

The Flexible Connection Method

Designed as a Quick-disconnect, supports connecting to IP phones via RJ9 jack and to common computers via USB jack, without affecting call quality


Is DQN HU210 noise-cancelling headset?

Yes. DQN HS210 contact center headset can reduce noise from 50-70% due to the QD jack

How many microphones does the DQN HS210 headset have?

Contact center headset DQN HS210 has 1 electronic microphone

How many jacks does the DQN HS210 combine with?

DQN HS210 combines with 4 types of jacks:

  • HCRj9: Jack Rj9
  • HCUSB: Jack USB
  • HC25: Jack 2.5mm
  • HC35: Jack 3.5mm

Can the flexible headset DQN HS210 be used in video conferencing?

Yes. DQN HS210 headset is built for use in contact centers, online meetings, professional collaboration, and for use with computers via a USB 2.0 connection.

How long is the warranty period?

Warranty period for DQN HS210 is 12 months

How many product lines do DQN HS210 headphones have?

DQN HS210 headset has 4 product lines: mono headset USB, duo headset USB, mono headset and duo headset. With each product line, there will be 1 of 2 cable QD jacks: RJ9 or USB 




  • HS211 USB - mono headset, jack USB
  • HS212 USB - duo headset, jack USB
  • HS211 QD - mono headset, jack QD
  • HS212 QD - duo headset, jack QD

Cable QD

  • HCRj9: Jack Rj9
  • HCUSB: Jack USB
  • HC25: Jack 2.5mm
  • HC35: Jack 3.5mm


Cable Length: 210cm
Outer-Carton Size: 190*150*40mm
Working Temperature: -5°C~45°C
Call answer/end, Mute, Volume: Yes Mute, Volume +/-

Audio Performance

Hearing Protection: 118 dBA SPL
Size: Φ28
Speaker Max Input Power: 50mW
Speaker Sensitivity: 105±3dB
Microphone Directionality: Noise Canceling Cardioid

Speaker Frequency Range: 100Hz~6.8KHz


Connects to: Desk Phone, PC Soft Phone
Connector Type:  

  • HCRj9: Jack Rj9
  • HCUSB: Jack USB
  • HC25: Jack 2.5mm
  • HC35: Jack 3.5mmm
  • Wearing

    Wearing Style: Over-the-head
    Mic Boom Rotatable Angle: 320°, Flexible Nylon
    Headband/Ear Cushion: Foam

    Warranty period

    Warranty period for DQN HS210 is 12 months


    A great headset, I can flexibly change from IP phone to computer thanks to the quick connect jack!

    Mark Lee Customer


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