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Wired & Wireless Contact Center Headsets · Noise-Cancelling Microphones · For desk-phones, mobile and PCs

DQN HS210 Contact Center Headset

Contact Center headset with flexible jack, convenient to use anytime, anywhere

DQN Hu810 Series Contact Center Headset

Built-in AI technology eliminates 99% of noise

Why DQN headsets are used in call centers?

Enhance client experience, broaden relationships, simple to use, compatible with the majority of call center platforms, online meetings

Personalized solutions for every business need

Simple user interface

Dedicated service and support

Noise reduction of up to 99 percent, applicable wherever

As a telephone operator, do you often have to repeat your words when making a call due to the surrounding noise? With headset products incorporating smart voice recognition technology (Smart Voice Capture) application of artificial intelligence, noise cancellation up to 99% brings almost absolute clean input sound quality.

Flexibility to connect a wide range of devices

As noise-cancelling AI enables you to transform any room into a workspace, a variety of port styles and exceptional compatibility elevate any device you use. Whether using a phone or a computer, DQN headset devices guarantee outstanding call quality across all platforms.


Let's see the difference when using AI noise cancellation technology (AI noise-cancelling)



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Contact Centre Case Studies

mẫu tai nghe tổng đài

The application of AI technology to a headset at this price made me quite skeptical at first, but it seems that Dinh Quang has done a very good job. It cancels out most of the background noise, and satisfies my taste in coffee shops.

Tien Long

Freelancer, Customers using HU810 products

"A great headset, I can flexibly change from IP phone to computer thanks to the quick connect jack!"

mARK LEE - Customers using HS210 headsets

"The headset works great! Thanks to 99% noise cancellation, my calls are never disturbed by ambient sounds again. Thanks to that, my work gets done quickly and efficiently. more effective!"

Thao linh - Customers using HU810 headsets

"The first time I bought a headset that plugs into my Macbook, but normally I have to use Airpods, this headset is much better."

quynh - Customers using HU810 headsets

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frequently asked Questions

What is a good headset for online meetings?

A good headset for online meetings should provide a smooth communication experience and convey information clearly. To do that, the headset must both transmit sound clearly and capture the user's voice well. At the same time, it supports noise cancellation and noise cancellation for input sound and good sound insulation to ensure output sound quality. In addition, it is necessary to provide a comfortable wearing experience, ensuring comfort for a long time of use.

Are there any headphones that are compatible with Macbooks?

Hu810 series of headphones with USB-C port support, suitable for devices like Macbook

Products with AI technology will have a higher price, right?

DQN's products are all at very reasonable prices. The application of Ai technology helps to raise the quality of the product, but the price does not change too much.

DQN's headset products are mainly used by consultants, telesales, and telemarketers, right?

DQN's headphones are suitable for a variety of audiences, and can be suitable for both personal activities such as listening to music, online meetings, and entertainment. In which, it is especially suitable for telephone agents, consultants, .. due to the nature of the job, having to use headphones for a long time.


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